Mailing Address:

P.0. Box 2175
Truckee, CA  96160
Phone:   530-587-5239
Gary Thomas formed his company in 2009 to fulfill a need for training and firearm
sales and transfers in the Truckee/Lake Tahoe area.  He is a retired Naval Officer with
military training in firearms, an NRA certified pistol instructor, shotgun instructor, range
safety officer, and a personal protection and self defense instructor.  Gary is a
California Department of Justice Certified Instructor and additionally he is certified by
the California Department of Justice to train and certify other California Instructors.  He
was a Federal Firearm Licensee for six years before deciding to focus only on training.  
Consequently he is intimately familiar with all pertinent state and federal laws
regarding  concealed carry and firearms in general.  A Truckee Police Volunteer for
sixteen years and team leader twelve years, he has a comprehensive understanding of
what law enforcement requires from a concealed carry instructor.  
He is currently an
approved concealed carry instructor for Nevada County, Placer County  and
Sierra County.

Gary is also a certified concealed carry instructor with the State of Utah and can offer
their multi-state permit.  His training is recognized by Florida and Arizona and he can
assist with permits from those states.

For collectors and those interested in obtaining firearms through the Federal Civilian
Marksmanship program (CMP) he can certify the training requirement for participation
if the requirement is not met through any other source.

Many local parents have placed their confidence in Gary by sending their young
daughters and sons to him for firearm safety training and to learn how to responsibly
handle and shoot a firearm.  Gary also conducts women only classes with high
approval ratings.

Gary is often called upon to conduct specific court ordered firearm safety training,
including the laws relating to BB devices.

In summary, Gary's focus is on training.  Training is all he does.  You can be sure you
will get his full attention on the range and in the classroom.  Competing interests will
not distract him.  Whether you are qualifying for a concealed carry permit or just taking
one of the other offered courses his full interest and focus will be on you and providing
you the best firearm training in the area.