Mailing Address:

P.0. Box 2175
Truckee, CA  96160
Phone:   530-587-5239
The Boca Reservoir shooting area is available to the public through a
partnership with the U.S. Forest Service and the Truckee Sportsman’s
Association.  This is a free area with several well defined shooting areas.
There may be a bench or two and possibly some iron targets. It is best to
bring your own shooting bench if you need one, as well as targets.  

The Boca Reservoir shooting area is near the dam.  Take the Hirschdale Road
off ramp from Hwy. 80 East and turn left at the bottom of the off ramp.  Follow
the road to Boca Reservoir.  The shooting area is the first right past Boca Dam
Reservoir Road.  You will see a locked Forest Service gate which you can
walk around or unlock if you have a key.  If you want to drive in, you can
borrow a key from the Truckee Ranger Station. You can also become a
member of the Truckee Sportsman Association and get your own gate key.

The rules say not to shoot at bottles, cans, and things that will leave a mess.  
However, this range does get littered. You are strongly encouraged to pack
out what you bring in. The Truckee Sportsman Association periodically cleans
up the area but you are encouraged to do your part so as not to lose a
valuable resource for the area.
Boca Shooting Range